HH Dance & Fitness Center

Dance for Passion & Love

HH Dance Practice Policy


Available Practice Hours

From 7:30 am – 11:30 pm, ONLY IF NO CONFLICT with below practice rules.

Practice Price and Time


$75/month/person, Max practice 3 hour/day



Before or after private lesson practice

max. 10 min. free warm up practice before private lessons, min. 20 min. free practice after private lessons. $5/hour/person after reaching the max free practice session.

Practice Rules

  • Must fill in sign in and sign out sheet and pay practice fee each time.
  • Do not interrupt private lessons or group lessons. No practice during studio’s group lessons.
  • Do not allow to use studio’s dance music and related facilities unless getting permission from studio administrators.
  • Change dance shoes before entering dance floor, do not allow to wear street shoes into dance floor
  • Do not allow to pour water or other floor damage materials onto dance floor.
  • Do not allow to watch other dance lessons inside the dance floor, go out of dance floor when resting.
  • No discussion with other dancers inside the dance floor. Be polite and good behavior during practice.
  • Practice will be only for same level dancers, teacher and student practice need to pay teacher’s floor fee.
  • Pls. turn off all lights, music, take all your personal stuffs and garbage out of dance floor after practice, lock the door and put the keys back.

We reserve the rights to vedio monitor all practice session.


Thanks for your support! Happy Dancing!

HH Dance Management