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How to register a Group Dance Lessons

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Step 1:   Go to our group lesson dance schedule by click the Schedule on the top menu bar or left-side navigation bar

Step 2:   Decide if you want to learn what style of group lesson dance, We do offer Latin group lesson, Ballroom group lesson and Belly group lesson, etc.

Step 3:  Figure out the best time of the running group lesson fits your schedule

Step 4: Call HH Dance & Fitness to confirm the group lesson and reserve your spot for group lesson. For Fee and Dress code Policy please visit the Group lesson policy under the menu bar of Dance Lesson & Practice for details.

Step 5:  Mark down your calendar and show up for the lesson



Question: What's the Waltz-1 (or Rumba-3) means on the Schedule?

Answer:  Waltz-1 means the first lesson of the waltz group lesson, the reason for us to mark the group lesson that way is students and teachers are well-planing their learning and teaching, because each dance we teaching are normally 5, e.g. Waltz we will teach 5 sessions, and then switch into Tango, which will be taught by another 5 lessons.